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Surgical Ease

Breezing Through Kidney Operation

Hypnosis is not just for the labor room. Robert Scott used hypnosis when he had his second kidney removed at Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

His doctor, Elivira Lang, says hypnosis reduces the need for pain medication, which often leaves the patient confused and weakened. It worked for Scott, who said that with just a tiny bit of medication and hypnosis, his second kidney removal was a breeze compared to the last.

"This one I'm much more alert afterwards, much more awake," Scott said.

His experience is not unusual. Dr. Lang has published the results of a study with 241 patients who have undergone hypnosis while having radiological procedures.

"We found three things: the procedures are more comfortable, safer and faster," Lang said. " I think it's just a state of focused concentration like you're watching TV, you're reading a book."

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